Jacobsen Salt -a Finishing Salt from the Sea

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This is a finishing salt used by chefs and discerning home cooks alike. Nothing is added to this salt, it's the true essence of the sea captured into each salt flake using only traditional salt-making methods.

As we wrote in the accompanying text to Ben Jacobsen's video story, this is a guy who's serious about his salt. After discovering a love of finishing salts while living in Denmark, Jacobsen returned to the Pacific Northwest and began thinking about making his own sea salt.

Noticing that although the region was a leader in the food culture and in developing a robust local food economy, there were no finishing salts being produced here: "You know the highest quality of produce, meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, nuts, berries you can get—but the one thing that transcends the entire experience wasn't being harvested here." Describing his finishing salt, Jacobsen says "It's really a beautiful flaky texture, when you bite into it, you get a nice crunch that yields to the tongue". The salt compliments the food, it doesn't overpower it. Jacobsen goes on to say, "...there's a clean briny taste that just has a wonderful finish to the food."

Here's the 2012 video Harvesting Salt from the Ocean we produced:

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