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The three competition bbq cooks presented in BBQ SECRETS: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin have decades of successful world-class championship experience.

This award-winning, feature length DVD provides a comprehensive video resource devoted to sharing expert low & slow style BBQ cooking tips, techniques, and proven recipes.

These 3 champion cooks have decades of championship experience that can help competition and backyard cooks improve your barbecue cooking.

This is a detailed and comprehensive video resource devoted to sharing expert barbecue cooking tips, techniques, and outstanding recipes. It also contains an element of story, one of the signature characteristics of our work to make the information more accessible, and engaging to watch.


Offers solid techniques for cooking a wide variety of meats: chicken; pork; brisket, and shrimp.

Demonstrates how to prepare spice rubs and marinades

Explains how to monitor internal and external temperatures for cooking various foods.

Shows the proper use and types of woods for fuel and for adding smoke flavors.

Demonstrates an unique approach to preparing a whole hog for cooking.

From the enclosed recipe booklet, proven recipes from the barbecue champion's own private collections.


Potter Productions Produces Another Winner
by Kell Phelps
National Barbecue News

Several weeks ago I got a chance to view the new Potter Production entitled BBQ Secrets: The Master Guide to Extraordinary Barbecue Cookin’. It took me almost two weeks before I found a couple of hours to devote to the movie. After seeing their first release, Inside the World of Championship Barbecue, I knew this would be a first-rate film. My only regret about the first release is I had to divide it up into several different segments because of various deadlines and time restraints. This was a mistake I did not want to make twice.

Fred Gerendasy is the representative who sent me the DVD to check out. In the package, he also sent me the directions on how to view this new masterpiece. To start with, I was a little insulted that someone was going to have to explain how to view a standard DVD, but after taking a few seconds to read the details, I was amazed at how versatile and unique the features were on this DVD. It is designed to play in three different ways----–first by viewing the entire video at once, secondly by choosing one of the three guest’s entire segment, or lastly by selecting any one of the single recipes. As if that wasn’t enough, the DVD also comes complete with a 20 page recipe booklet with several recipes which did not get filmed and recaps several rubs and marinades used by the different guests featured in the movie.

Potter Productions did a tremendous job in choosing their three pitmasters to star in the 74-minute guide. Mike Davis, Terry Black, and Jeff Stehney do a tremendous job of offering up everything from hamburger recipes to the Southern Gentlemen’s Culinary Society Whole Hog. They also cover direct grilling, indirect grilling and smoking, and standard pit smoking tricks and techniques as well.

The first pitmaster to show his skills is Mike Davis, who operates Whole Hog Café in Little Rock, AR. He really shines while showing his whole hog techniques and recipes. After seeing his totally unique approach to cooking a whole hog, I felt like a school boy. He took steps I have never heard of in my 16 years of studying barbecue.

The next pitmaster to showcase his talents was Terry Black. Not only is he a World Champion competition cook, but his Super Smokers restaurant has made the National Barbecue News’ Best of the Best BBQ restaurant guide every year since its inception. Terry has over 20 years of pit cooking experience under his belt and proves it with several different recipes. My favorite is his Ultimate St. Louis Pork Chop. I have made these several times since watching him take a raw pork loin and transform it into an overwhelming succulent dish, all from a Weber Kettle grill. Terry also explains why rubs work, indirect grilling techniques, and also direct grilling techniques as well.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jeff Stehney, who owns Oklahoma Joe’s Barbecue in Kansas City, KS. Jeff is the winner of eight different BBQ grand championships and really goes into detail about his “low and slow” approach to barbecue. His biggest secret is revealed in his competition-style whole brisket. I personally learned a ton of stuff to try and can tell you I am now not afraid to cook a brisket. The details he gives out could be the most in depth I have ever seen anyone go with a brisket.

There is no way I would even try to rate this DVD. The main reason is I would not know what to compare it to. I do know I will be using it for sometime to come to keep learning new and different barbecuing tricks and techniques. The overall quality on this tape surpassed all my expectations and truly is second to none.

Library Journal

These two videos [editor's note: Inside The World of Championship Barbecue] will get barbecue lovers salivating and ready to run out to their favorite barbecue joint for a fix. The interactive DVD BBQ Secrets allows the viewer to watch the presentation in its entirety, select the separate segments of the three featured cooks, or go straight to a particular food within a segment, such as “brisket.” Three world champion competitive barbecue cooks—Mike “Sarge” Davis, founder of Southern Gentlemen's Culinary Society and Whole Hog Café in Arkansas; Terry Black and his Super Smokers BBQ team of Memphis; and Jeff Stehney, eight-time Grand Champion and owner of Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue Restaurant in Kansas City, KS—share their secrets for rubs, marinades, equipment, types of wood used, fire building, timing, and techniques. A variety of meats, such as pork ribs, pork shoulder, whole hog, beef brisket, and chicken, are featured, along with side dishes. An 18-page recipe booklet accompanies the DVD. This is the most useful and versatile of the two programs, as its clear and concise instructions and demonstrations will help all home barbecue chefs improve their product.

Now You're Cookin' [Inside the World...] makes a nice companion piece for those who wonder just what it takes to become a world champion barbecue cook. It focuses on two teams attending the “World Series” of BBQ contests, the American Royal Barbecue in Kansas City, MO. We follow the experienced team 2 Fat Larrys and “newbies” Northwoods Mesquite-Toes as they prepare, buy meat, set up their tents, build their fires, cook their barbecue, and package it for the judges. We learn some of the secrets of successful competitors and the criteria used for evaluation. The emphasis is on how teams learn from each other and the dedication and attention to detail necessary to become a champion. Techniques and recipes are not overly detailed with the focus on the contest. Both programs are recommended for all audiences and library cookery collections, and both will make you hungry! [The DVD of Now You're Cookin' contains an additional 20 minutes of material; it was not available for this review.—Ed.]—Tom Budlong, Atlanta