About us

a tad and more, in its essence, is about the little things that add joy and happiness to our lives. Iconic and whimsical, the a tad and more designs express something more about who we are as human beings. They are unique expressions that somehow incorporate important aspects of our lives. An old memory, a favorite color, something that uplifts the spirit.

The long and winding story, briefly told: 

Cooking Up a Story - an online show about food and sustainable livingIn May of 2006, when we launched Cooking Up a Story, an online show and blog about food and sustainable agriculture, the core of the show was (and still remains) video stories. Since our interest has always been about food, we naturally gravitated toward farmers, ranchers, food artisans and expanded outward to cookbook authors, scientists and others who were passionate about food, agriculture and the environment. For those new to the site, check out Cooking Up a Story for documentary stories, interviews, how-to gardening, DIY food and written posts about the broad areas of food and sustainable agriculture. 

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Now, our emphasis has shifted to building this new store and making it successful. Many of the original illustrations for the products we sell overlap with the themes from our show. You will find that every illustration has a little story because they are all very personal creations.

We hope that you will fall in love with some of the designs and find items that fit your lifestyle and aspirations. We want you to have peace of mind on everything you buy here. Our products are made from high-quality, durable and eco-friendly materials. The printing process we use is nontoxic (direct to garment printing) and doesn’t use solvents or other industrial chemicals. We offer a generous return and exchange policy should you decide that the product you thought you wanted—for whatever reason—is not quite what you had in mind.

Please browse the store and feel welcome.

Rebecca and Fred